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This is your chance to SAVE BIG - up to 70% off!

It's our early Spring Cleaning event, and time to move some product to make room for more exciting goods!

Closeouts (3)

Get great deals on products we are closing out, discontinuing or will be revamping in the near future!

Affiliate Packages (5)

Back Talk Systems often partners with Doctors who have products we feel are of extreme benefit to our Chiropractic community of caring professionals. 

3D Spine Degeneration Model (1)

A Back Talk Exclusive - Redesigned BIGGER & BETTER!

The most effective teaching tool in Chiropractic. Larger, more accurate and incorporates new research based on the effects of Wolff's Law. Shows 4 stages of spine degeneration for your patients. 

*SHIPPING DETAILS: We do not ship Spine Models to a residence. Please be sure to provide a shipping address that is your PRACTICE or a Plan B option as someone will need to sign for it when it arrives. Your UPS shipping fee will include the additional "Signature Required Fee". If you are closed certain days or hours on days you are open, please note this in the COMMENT SECTION of your order. 

Anatomical Charts (9)

We call these your "Instant Reference" Charts!
Educate your staff with a daily visual. Teach and engage your patients. Refresh your knowledge as well with these best-selling anatomical charts that are incredibly detailed, yet easy to understand.

Brochures (37)

Our Brochures our our #1 selling product to date! Brand them with YOUR OWN CLINIC details to present a more polished first impression.

Demonstration Tools (16)

Back Talk Systems offers the best chiropractic teaching tools in the industry. The most effective teaching tool to date is our proprietary Anatomical Model which sells out quickly. The new model is bigger, better, and more accurate. It incorporates new research based on the effects of Wolff's Law.

The Adjusta-Pets™ are another Back Talk exclusive - designed to help educate and ease the fears of younger patients. 

Greeting Cards (1)

Build a lasting relationship with your patients by sending a thoughtful greeting card!

Send a personalized birthday card with one of our stock messages or write your own. Personally sign the card to let your patients know you care about them on their special day — they will remember and appreciate your kind gesture.

Handouts - 50 Tear-Off Sheets/Pad (9)

Solidify the Learning Process with any of our Handouts designed to educate and inform. 

Help your patients choose appropriate chiropractic care for their related health issues. 

Office Pads (7)

Save time and money! Personalized with your clinic details. We print the pads in-house on quality 70# uncoated paper stock for maximum ink receptivity with no smudge.

— don't forget we sell promotional pens as well to fill out your pads! 


» Standard Pads: 4.5" (w) x 5.5" (h) 

» Larger Pads: 5.5" (w) x  7.5" (h) - just $2 more/pad!

Patient Education Kits (2)

Jump start your practice, improve or reinvent your Report of Findings, or choose the kit that includes everything you need to outfit a new practice or completely revamp the look of your clinic!

Postcards (13)

Promote your business better — send a BIGGER card! All our Birthday and Greeting Cards are available exclusively in a larger format. Let your patients know how important they are to you, now and in the future!

Smaller cards have a tendency to get lost in the mail system among the giant direct mail pieces we all receive. You can fit more information on a bigger card.  Add a perk to get them back into your office, put a coupon on the back— let your marketing ideas overflow as you'll have more advertising Real Estate to work with!

Save on stamps! Create a version to hand out at your office - announce specials, new staff, new Doctors along their bios — get creative. Give us an idea and we'll help!

Note: The new postcard sizing is considered an "oversized card" and will require a First Class stamp if mailing. Pennies more to promote more!

Posters (20)

Many of our posters can be ordered PLAIN or LAMINATED. 

If you do order them PLAIN, they will fit it a standard sized frame.
If you order them LAMINATED, they will not. LAMINATED POSTERS are not made to be framed as you will get too much glare on the print from the poster and glass surface. 

Magazettes (Report of Findings) (4)

Use Report of Findings Magazette to systematize your presentation, organize documents, project a contemporary image, and most importantly - INCREASE REFERRALS!

Need Pockets for your new Magazettes?

Purchase the optional folder pockets to your hold your handouts or other ROF paperwork you send home with your patients. Each pocket has an adhesive strip on the back so you can place it where it's most convenient in the ROF booklet. They even include business card slits to hold your card securely in place. 

Therapy Cards (14)

Use our Therapy Cards to explain the specifics of the most commonly used ancillary procedures. Even if it's just ice or massage, explain the purpose, what it feels like, and how the patient benefits from its use. 

Promotional Products (5)

Back Talk Systems would like to be your go-to-place to order quality, branded promotional products at great prices. We have an in-house expert promotional product specialist with decades of experience who will assist you in every step of the way.  We call her our "SWAG QUEEN" so just ask for her by this name when you call! 

Give people a useful product to keep your practice on their radar — there is power in promotional marketing. Research was done on how far a quality, branded pen traveled in it's "ink lifespan". A tracking device was placed on a few pens that were thought to be a fan favorite. It was discovered that on average, each pen landed in 7-8 hands before the ink ran out! A good quality pen can be as little as .75/ea - divide that by 8 people and your advertising expense was a mere .9 cents/person to get your Business noticed! You may look at a branded pen differently now that you understand it's power!

NOTE: This section is under construction, and we will be adding many more products, so keep checking back! If you know of any product you would like to order that obviously isn't on our site just yet, please contact the "Swag Queen" as she has access to over 10,000 products. Back Talk will be offering the best top 10-12 products/category based on our own experience using the products - the pens and products you'll want to hide from your co-workers as they are that awesome! Affordable, quality products that your patients and their friends/family will use again and again, with your BRANDING.