We have available 2 Color Choices for Customization:
  1. BLACK INK only for text
  2. FULL COLOR for text and/or logo options.

If you don’t have a logo, we can just print your Clinic Name in a nice bold font and a color choice that is complimentary to the product design itself. Unless you have a branded color that is already used for your clinic, we suggest you allow our team of design professionals to choose the best color for your product(s). 

How long does it take to get my Customized Product(s)?

Once you have received a proof and approved the layout, it should take approximately 2-3 days to print the entire run. Then factor in the shipping estimate to your location. Typically, we say 7-10 business days for Customization of PRINTED MATERIALS only, DVDs may take a little longer.

Do you have minimum order quantities for customization?

Yes and no, it all depends on the product. Please be sure to read any SPECIAL NOTES on each product page before you add the items you wish to purchase in the cart.

Logo Requirements (only available for COLOR CUSTOMIZATION option):

Our website is limited as to what type of file format you can upload and the file size. It is always best to email a high resolution version of your logo in ".eps" or ."ai" format that you would have possibly used for your Letterhead or other print media. 

Preferred email to send logos: "customize@backtalksystems.com". Please include your ORDER NUMBER in the subject line when doing so. 

Logo artwork should be sharp and clean with no rough or jagged edges (pixelated). Images need to be at a high enough quality (resolution) to print well. Images or logos you have taken off the web that you do not own are not acceptable. Many times, artwork will look good on screen or when printed at a small size. But, when enlarged to the size needed for your imprinted product, any imperfections will also be magnified. To ensure that your order is processed immediately and your artwork reproduces well, be sure your artwork meets our guidelines. Our customization department will determine immediately if your logo is acceptable or not, and request you provide us with a higher quality file or can help you identify a Plan B option should that be necessary.

NOTE: A photo of your family or office building (interior or exterior) does not constitute as an acceptable logo. Photographic images, when reduced in size print darker and often become unrecognizable to the viewer as to what they are looking at. VECTOR logos that you may already be using for promotional products is our preferred file format. We will NOT accept MS WORD or WEB IMAGES (.bmp or gif) of too low a resolution.

How do I know if my text and logo will fit on a product I am interested in?
On almost every product “detail” page, we will always have a MAIN image of the product being sold, and thumbnail images below for you to click on and see an enlarged version. You will more than likely always find an image that identifies the area(s) that can be customized. Should you have any questions, just email “customize@backtalksystems.com”, or call us at 1.800.937.3113.

In some cases, only text will fit into a given space. In other cases, only your logo may fit. It’s important you pay attention the IMPRINT AREA identified on the products pages for your guidance.