R2L Radiation Reducer


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Help keep your friends, family, and patients safe
from harmful radiation while increasing revenue in your clinic with the R2L Radiation Reducer!

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Cell phones play an important role in our busy lives. Cell phones are used for both work and personal use; to keep us informed, up to date, and entertained. But, did you know that when you use your phone to make calls, check your email, text friends, play games, shop online or even just take it with you in your pocket, you and the members of your family are subjecting yourselves to radiation that can possibly have disastrous health repercussions?

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Back Talk Systems has the perfect TESTED and PROVEN solution to these cell phone raditation concerns… the R2LTM.

The R2L transforms Cell Phone Radiation to Light Energy and is the only tested and proven solution on the market today.

SAR testing results indicate that the R2LTM reduces cell phone radiation up to 70%.
The R2LTM works by placing its unique
antenna near the cell phone’s broadcasting and receiving antenna. The R2LTM then converts the energy through its circuitry
into DC (direct current) electricity which is
then routed to an LED which lights up and safely disperses the energy.

This means that no matter what cell phone or wireless device you use, no matter what network provider supplies your service or even if you operate your wireless device outside of the US, the (RF) radio frequencies you were previously exposed to, have been significantly reduced.

Display boxes available for an additional $10.

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