Let me start by making an important statement that I want each of you to remember as you read my tip this week.
“There is Purpose in the Process of Growth!”

Do you remember when you were a child and you made measurements on the wall somewhere in your house or school to keep track of how much you were growing? If you went and remeasured every day, it would seem like you were never changing, but if you took some time and lived your life in the process, when you came back to measure the next time, you could see growth and actually measure it on the wall.

The same is true if you ever tried to plant some flowers or vegetables in a cup of dirt when you were younger. You would come to look at your cup of dirt every day, or even many times each day only to see that there was very little change taking place until one day you would see a sprout and then the growth became more evident.

Explaining this to most of you makes perfect sense, because you have already lived this and gone through the growth process to get where you are today. Trying to explain to a three year old why they can’t chase after a ball out into the street because of dangers they don’t see or understand however is a completely different circumstance! Sometimes new business owners, just like a three year old, just don’t know what they don’t know, and that can lead to a lack of, or completely stunted growth that no one wants or can afford!

The real business or practice tips that I want you to be able to extract from these simple truths are this:

  1. No matter how hard you thought, worried, or concentrated on the growth that you wanted to take place in your own body, or in the seeds that you planted, TIME was the consistent factor and there was really no real way to get around that fact of life.
  2. During the TIME that was taking place while you were waiting, things were happening and preparing for the growth to occur. If you were to put the growth in front of those things that needed to take place first, it would not have been healthy or sustainable and there is a good chance that the overall health of the plant, or your body would have been compromised in the process.
  3. For the growth to be progressive and healthy, there were a number of things that had to occur first.
    A. “Roots” both physical and emotional, planting or growing deeper into the ground or community to help create stability. B. A steady or regular supply of nourishment, both physically and mentally had to occur, or the growth would become stunted and ultimately withered. C. Fertilizer, sunshine and or other growth factors like regular coaching, or a mentor to bounce new ideas off become more and more important as growth starts to accelerate, just like it does every spring with your body as a child, or with a plant once it sprouts and breaks free of the soil and can react with the environment around it.
  4. Finally, sometimes there is some pruning or cutting back in some areas so you can experience growth in more efficient or profitable areas becomes the best thing you can do to continue a healthy growth curve.

This may losing a few pounds yourself, or cutting back on TV, Facebook or other social media so you can focus more on your business or actual personal relationships.

This may be a little painful at first, but when the overall health of the plant, your life, or your business becomes the center of your focus, it becomes more desirable and easier to implement.

Keep in mind as you are planning for growth this spring, that Back Talk Systems and Colorline Digital Printing are here to help you in any way we can. We can help by providing the tools and business nourishment that you need to achieve the healthy growth that you want.
Give us a call at 800-937-3113, or visit us online at www.backtalksystems.com to see how we can help you jump-start your business this spring!

Have a great week!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center, Back Talk Systems, Inc. Colorline Digital Printing, Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood CO 80214 Phone: 800-937-3113 | 303-277-9990 www.backtalksystems.com

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