Patient Demonstration Tool - Exclusive Product only sold here!
Invented & Designed by Dr. Robert D. Jackson, D.C, CEO and Founder of Back Talk Systems. 

Let your patients play with this tool to get an idea of how the joints are "stuck" (fixated). Explain to them how a massage or back rub is not always going to help. The yellow and red colored wooden beads are mounted on a spring-like armature, allowing free movement of each "joint". However, the red painted beads are fixated and do not move. Patients see that joints above and below the fixated area need to work harder to compensate. 

This "hands-on" tool better equips patients to understand the result of aberrant spinal biomechanics. 

» CLICK ME to watch a YouTube Video featuring Dr. Rob on  the Fixation Stick™ and the companion product, "The Fix-It Stick"

Fixation Stick™ - Patient Version

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