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Business/Practice Tip of the Week May 7th, 2017

This week I want to talk about the difference between two words and how using them correctly can help to build your business/practice and help you in your personal life as well.
These two words are Action and Reaction.
Stop and take a an honest look at your own life right now and judge which one of these two words is your most common choice or behavior whenever you want or need something to be done.
Many of us fall in to the “Reaction” category. We wait for things to happen so we can “react” to them and hope to make our behavior correct or account for whatever it is that is happening, or is about to happen to us based on the circumstances that we now find ourselves in.
The biggest problem this type of behavior creates is one of stress and always trying to put out some “fire” or to deal with some emergency that has occurred. Too many times the decisions we make in these types of circumstances can derail our business, or our personal lives if we continue to live in a reactionary world.
Day after day I get calls, or meet with doctors at events where i am speaking or vending for Back Talk Systems and they tell me they are having trouble making payroll, paying their mortgage and are deferring their student loan payments. They desperately want or need some instant gadget or tool that will get them 10 new patients within the next week just to keep their head above water.
Too many of us wait until things have gotten so tight, or recently got out of college with a debt load of $250,000 andย  can’t get any credit to open our own practice because our financial statement looks like we have no real hard assets other than the degree we just graduated with. We wind up taking an associate-ship that we don’t want, pays next to nothing and we end up sleeping in our car to make ends meet for the next six months.
This has just got to stop!
Based on these scenarios, I am not going to pull any punches this week. I am going to give you specific remedies to help deal with three major problem areas of any practice.
Acquiring new patients, retaining patients once you get them and reactivating patients who drop out of care prematurely.
I’m going to suggest that more of us start living with a focused purpose in life and start taking the actions that will get us where we want to be or go instead of reacting to things and settling for far less than we imagined when we decided to become a doctor of chiropractic, or any other type of business person or professional.
Here are four ideas with action steps that can give you the chance to take “Action” instead of “Reaction” and change the way your practice or personal life prospers.
1. Start by making a list of the top three things you want to accomplish today. Planning bigger and longer term is great, but lets start simple and then add more dimensions as we grow.
2. Prioritize these three things in order of importance
3. Write down, or discuss your strategy and/or game plan to get these things done with those you work with, share family time or personal time with so you can create some accountability to stay on track.
4. Put your plans into action and start by acting on the things you want to accomplish, instead of reacting to the other things that will start to show up in your life today as it progresses.
I promise you that things will start to unravel in some direction, place, or relationship as you begin this change in behavior, but stick to your guns and keep acting on the priorities that you want to accomplish first. Then you can deal more effectively with the things that come up in all of our lives that have to be “reacted” to.
If you want more new patients in your practice this week, take action by putting our uniquely customized “Welcome to Chiropractic” video on all of your social media platforms with a note that offers some special offer or benefit for anyone who takes advantage of beginning care with your office over the next two weeks.
Make sure this offer is legal and ethical in your state or province, but give people who don’t know enough the information to make the proper health care decisions they need, the information on who and where you are, what services you offer and how you can help them. This 4 minute customized video can help get this process started for you. Watch mine at
Add the link to this video on your business cards, to your signature line on every e-mail, post, text or letter that you write and leverage this tool electronically where more of your tech-savvy new patients live and function. They live in a digital world. Why aren’t you using that tool to reach more new patients starting right now?
Guess what? Once you buy this customized video, all of these platforms of marketing to new patients are free for you to use. FREE!
If you need help with retention of new patients, make the decision to give the best Report of Findings ever! Go to our website and watch the free video on how to use our report of findings Magazette. Watch it a couple of times and then use the ideas and strategies that are shown and make them your own with your personality and your own analogies so your report comes from your heart and not some script that you don’t emotionally own yourself.
If you need help with reactivation of existing patients take action by sending our uniquely customized “Welcome to Chiropractic” video to everyone of your patients who hasn’t been in for the last three months or longer. Remind them that they are probably due for a tune up and that they all know someone else who wants or needs to see a chiropractor, but doesn’t know where to go or who to trust, so they are delaying their need for care because of a lack of knowledge on where to go.
You already have the solution for this problem if you use the video described in suggestion one! Send this video to those you want to reactivate to their smart phones, or to their e-mail so they can watch it digitally on their own device in just 4 minutes. Then suggest that they forward this, or share this on their social media platforms with their friends or family who they know need your unique services too.
Remember, the video is customized with your practice information for direct contact to you. Have your existing patients do the marketing for you!
They already have relationships with those who they know would benefit from what you have to offer and those relationships create trust that no other form of advertising that you can buy will match. Word of mouth referrals are the best there is. Here is a simple way for you to take action to get more of these types of patients that we all want!
These are three simple things that you can do with just two of the tools that we have to offer at Back Talk Systems. Some of you already have the video, but are not using it to it’s full potential. Here are some new implementation ideas for you to use.
Others of you have never heard of, or seem this tool and need to go online and watch it for yourself so you can see just how easily you can put this tool to work for you, regardless of how long you have been in practice.
The key to my extensive tip this week is really just one word. ACTION!
Get busy this week and take specific actions instead of living in a reactionary world and always feeling like you are out of control.
The choice is yours!
Have a great week and let me know how we can help you.
Dr. Rob Jackson
Applewood Chiropractic Health Center
Back Talk Systems Inc
Colorline Digital Printing
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Business/Practice Tip of the Week April 30th, 2017

I saw something happen in my backyard this morning that gave me the idea for my tip this week.
I live on the side of Lookout Mountain here in Golden, Colorado and there are many wild animals who live and share the area with us, so this tip will share some details about real life as it happens every day in the wild, but has implications for the rest of us who can apply these same principals in our lives as well.
We were blessed with snow here over the past 36 hours and for some of us that live in the higher elevations, we received as much as 14 inches of wet, heavy snow in what I hope is our final spring time snow storm here in the Rockies.
The trouble is that all my trees are already budded out, the Aspen trees already have their leaves out and we have flowers already blooming out in the yard, so a storm like this creates many challenges and problems for the plant life here in the Rocky Mountains.
It also creates issues for the wild animals who live here as well. On Friday afternoon before the snow started, I went out and filled up my bird feeder so that the wild birds who frequent my back yard would have access to food when the storm hit.
The good news is that I had literally hundreds of wild birds of all varieties taking advantage of the bountiful food supply that I provided for them, but on the flip side, that didn’t go unnoticed by some of the local predators.
As I was walking past our bay windows that look out back, I happened to notice a rather large bird hopping through the bushes next to my bird feeder and it didn’t look like any of the usual customers who come to enjoy the birdseed that is out there, so I watched for a moment to see what kind of bird it was.
Turns out, it was a Falcon and he was looking for food too, but he doesn’t eat the bird seed like all the other birds do. He eats the birds and small rodents that are there to feast instead!
I watched him burrow in and out of the bushes and trees that are in my backyard with precision and persistence as all the other critters, either four footed or on wings, all raced out of each bush as he went in looking for something that he could catch. Soon enough, one unlucky critter was too slow to get away and he came out and sat on one of my fence posts in the back yard in front of God and everyone else and enjoyed his breakfast by picking it apart and eating it bite by bite.
This was both sad and inspiring at the same time as I know this is how nature provides, but it also showed a number of characteristics that created the opportunity for success for this Falcon and demonstrates why this animal is more towards the top of the food chain instead of just being stuck somewhere in the middle, like so many of us can be when we are struggling to succeed.
Here are the three things that I noticed about this Falcon this morning:
1. He completely adapted to the circumstances that he found himself immersed in. He can’t control the weather, or how his prey acts, or reacts to the weather, but he changed his tactics to fit into the situation and found a way to still feed himself and become and stay successful in the process.
2. He was relentless in his pursuit of success! I watched him dive into, climb on to and burrow into multiple bushes and or trees of all kinds, instead of soaring way up in the air like he normally does. He couldn’t use his normal tactics or skill sets and had to adapt and modify his approach, but did so with authority and purpose and without wondering what the rest of the world thought of him in the process. He just kept at it until he was able to succeed and provide for his needs.
3. He was totally focused on one thing and one thing only! It didn’t matter that 14 inches of snow was still on the bushes or falling on him as he was burrowing through the branches. It also didn’t matter that most of the critters he was chasing got away without a scratch. He knew there was a good chance that he would come across one that was either too cold, too slow or not paying enough attention to the change it the surroundings and that would provide for his needs.
So lets apply these characteristics to ourselves and our businesses and see how these same ideals can serve us and help to increase our opportunities for success this coming week.
1. Some of us are finding ourselves in a situation or circumstance where things are not ideal, or even worse! We may be damaged by flood, fire, weather, personal health issues, family circumstances or financial hardships that we think none of the rest of us have ever experienced.
I can tell you from personal experience that some of your greatest successes and opportunities will surface on the other side of each of these circumstances that seem so devastating at the time they are occurring.
This doesn’t mean that going through these processes will be easy, but if you adapt yourself and react with a positive mental, spiritual and physical attitude about what you want to become as you go through this, what you will learn and acquire in the process will far exceed who and what you were before you experienced whatever these circumstances are that seem to be affecting you now.
Keep telling yourself that you can adapt and overcome any of these circumstances and then get to work doing exactly that! Adapt and Overcome!
2. Become relentless in your pursuit of what it is that you really want out of life. At work, in your relationships and in your personal life. If you are unhappy with your body shape, become relentless in your workouts and diet and put pictures of what it is you want to look like around your home, at work, on your fridge and on the cabinet where you store your snacks so you can be constantly reminded of what it is you want!
If you want to achieve a certain level of financial success, stop spending and start saving more! It takes time, but if you change your behavior you can achieve what it is that you want in any areas of your life.
3. Focus on what the word success really means for your own personal situation. This isn’t measuring up to what anyone else thinks success is, but it does matter what you think it is. Write out what that definition is and what it specifically means to you and then talk about it in your positive affirmations that you say out loud each and every morning and then watch as it starts to take shape.
What you focus on becomes your norm, so make sure you are focusing on the things that you really want out of life!
This week I want each of you to get out there and become more like that “Falcon” that you are inside and begin to enjoy the success that you know is available for those of us who believe and then act upon that belief like we need it to stay alive!
Have a great week and let me know how we can help you here at Back Talk Systems, or at Colorline Digital Printing. We are here to help you in any way we can!
Get out there and soar (or burrow or hop) It all starts with just one step at a time!
Dr. Rob Jackson
Applewood Chiropractic Health Center
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Business/Practice Tip of the Week April 23rd, 2017

This week my tip is going to be a tale of two airlines (or practices), whichever you can relate to best. Here goes:
I just came back from a week’s holiday where I took my wife to Maui, Hawaii for our anniversary. As always, Maui is just an amazing place and there is not space enough in my blog to tell you all the great things that are available once you get there.
The big challenge is not Maui however, it’s in “the getting there” and that is the premise for my blog this week.
I live in Golden, Colorado, so there is a considerable distance (3286 miles) from my home here in the mountains, to the beaches there in Maui, Hawaii.
The amazing thing with today’s technology is that in the morning you can be in one place and then that same afternoon, you can be in the other. That is significant and I want to say upfront that for us to minimize that achievement fails to recognize all the effort and progress that we have made over the past 50 years.
That said, in today’s currency of communication, the phrase “a luxury once tasted becomes a necessity” has never rang more true. This phrase and our general beliefs and acceptance of this assumed truth is the basis behind many of our current customer services challenges and that is what I want to address in my tip.
Our flights home today were in 2 parts. The first was the Maui to Los Angeles portion and the second was the Los Angeles to Denver portion. Hence the tale of two airlines in my header comment above. Let me cut to the chase to keep this readable and not get too caught up in the details.
The first leg from Maui to LA was a total disaster. The flight time was 10pm at night to 6am the next morning. The flight attendants were grumpy as a rule and the airplane was an older version of what this airline usually flies and offers now, so the seating was old and worn down, there was no WiFi available so everyone could use their own devices for entertainment and the food and service was sketchy at best.
Over all I would give the airline a 2 out of 10 rating for this leg of our trip home.
The second leg from LA to Denver was on a new plane with new seats that were amazingly comfortable, The WIFI worked perfectly and the food and our flight attendant was outstanding. Jesus was his name and though he pronounced it with a Latino accent, he did a great job of living up to the ideals that his name represents. He took personal interest in every customer and there wasn’t a person he came in contact with who left that flight without a smile.
I would rate this leg of the trip as a 10 out of 10.
The trouble is that both of these flights were on the same airline, not two different airlines with differing customer service ideals or training. So here are the tips that I want you to be able to take away from this week’s blog.
1. If you have equipment in two or more areas of your business that are not up to the same quality and or ability, stop right here and make the upgrades that you need to make so that everyone who comes in contact with your business walks away with the same great experience that others might have had.
Doctors, I know that some of you are still using that old, portable table that you bought, or made when you were in school and then you have upgraded one other room with your “new” equipment. Your plan is to only use your old stuff only when you are busy and need to keep things flowing in your practice.
I can guarantee you that those patients who experience care in your rooms with the “lesser of two tables” know the difference and will resent you and your business every time they have to encounter that difference.
Key note: Invest in yourself, your future and in your patients so that everyone has the same opportunity to experience you at your best!
2. Make sure that you make the same type of investments and upgrade any staff who just don’t, or can’t live up to the best quality of care and service that you want your business to be remembered or graded on social media for.
Key note: People make the difference!
3. Create the option for those who do business with you to give honest and open feedback so that you know what your customers/clients or patients really think about you and about doing business with you.
Trusting in what you “think” they are thinking and experiencing is just asking for trouble in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. You need to know on a daily basis how you, your staff, your offerings and your equipment or location are doing compared to expectations and to competition.
Key note: Honest feedback is worth it’s weight in gold!
4. Invest in quality people. I just can’t say this enough! Bottom line for both my wife and I on today’s flights were the people and how they took care of us more so than the other items that just became distractions and added to or took away from our experience.
Get the right people on your bus and get them all going in the same direction if you really want to make a lasting impression on your customer base. I can promise you that my experience with Jesus today on my flight from LA to Denver made a difference that no one else will be able to take away or change for me. (No pun intended either!)
Key note: I will say this again…. People make the difference!
That’s how powerful great customer service can be and I am back as a fan of this airline and will continue to do business with them again and again in the future as a result.
Isn’t that what all of us want in our businesses as well?
Have a great week and let me know what you think, or how we can help you achieve more from the practice or business you are in.
Key note: We are here to help!
Dr. Rob Jackson
Applewood Chiropractic Health Center
Back Talk Systems Inc
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Business/Practice Tip of the Week April 9th, 2017

This week my tip is going to be all about communication.

I actually own and run a communication company and have for the past 28 years, but sadly I find that some days I am just not as good a communicator as I would like to think that I am.

There are days when I think that I have just given the best Report of Findings of my life to a patient and they walk out to the front desk and ask my staff, ” how much longer to I need to keep scheduling to get this corrected?”

Then there are staff meetings or family gatherings when I think I am sharing my vision for what I want us all to be doing and accomplishing and instead of buy in, all I get is grumpiness and door-slamming with mumbling under their breath from my spouse, kids or staff.

How can they all be such bad listeners at the same time, or is there a better explanation for what might be going wrong here?

Does any of this sound familiar, or am I the only one who experiences this from time to time?

I hate to admit this, but I think the problem might actually be ME!

I think that sometimes, with men especially, we,(me for sure!) can be bad, or lazy communicators and that is the basis for much of the conflict that we see in business, in our relationships and in the world in general.

How to begin to fix this problem is going to be the basis for my tip this week.

Is everyone ready? because this is going to be quite the ride, so hold on and here we go…

1.The bottom line is that good communication is more of a combination of efficiency and art form than it is a science. Let me give you an example:

Last night, my wife went out with with one of her best girl friends that she has known for over 20 years for a birthday dinner and to catch up. They went to dinner for 2 hours and then came home and went for a 1.5 mile walk though our neighborhood. There was non-stop talking going on the whole time they were together.

When I found out what they had discussed over that 3 hour time frame, I realized that I could have extracted that amount of information from her friend in 5 minutes or less!

Good communication, unlike the Olympics doesn’t mean that being the fastest is always being the best at what we do. Who do you think my wife’s friend had more fun with? Her or me?

2. Too many of us talk “at” people instead of “to” the people we really want to communicate with.

Here is where I tend to make my most common communication mistakes. Too often I just bark or give orders to those who work with me, or are in some type of relationship with me because I see that as the most efficient way to get things going in a direction that I want or need them to go.

For the most part, those who know me just jump on task and start doing what it is that I have asked them to do, but every once in a while, someone gets their undies in a bunch over something I say and that causes all kinds of trouble for the next hour, day, week, or forever if I don’t pay attention to what has happened and try to find a way to correct for this.

Here is what I think that I and maybe some of you need to start doing with your relationships and with your business communications to help avoid this kind of conflict or communication failure in the future.

A. Instead of talking “at” people and giving orders, try talking “to” them and ask them for feedback, or to engage with you in the sharing of the idea or concept that you really want to communicate to them and everyone else.

B. Understand that talking “to” people is not as efficient as talking “at” them, but in the end it can still save you huge amounts of time because you will get and enjoy more buy-in from those you are communicating with. You will find that more of them will be on board with the ideas and directions that you want them to follow or comply with, without conflict or interruptions when you engage them instead.

Just remember that there will always be times when talking “at” someone will be acceptable and appropriate, like when boarding an airplane by boarding section or group numbers, or when going to your assigned seat at a concert or sporting event. No real discussion is necessary. Just be efficient and get on board so we can all leave or start on time!

There will also be times when talking “to” people will be much more suitable and profitable where feedback and dialogue are necessary like when you are working on a project with a group that has diverse talents and skills, when you are talking to a spouse or loved one, or when you are giving a Report of Findings in a Chiropractic office to someone who is new to this experience and may have lots of internal dialogue and questions about what it is you do and how that might help them with their unique problems.

This week I want each of us to change our approach and begin talking “to” those we come in contact with instead of just “at” them and see how it can help to change our bottom line, both at home and at work!

Try this approach with your next Report of Findings and then track the compliance compared to those you have communicated with differently. The proof will be in the pudding.

Call me, or one of my staff if you need some help with your Report of Findings. We specialize in this type of engaging conversation!

Have a great day and let me know what you think of my tip this week.

I would really love your feedback!

Dr. Rob Jackson
Applewood Chiropractic Health Center
Back Talk Systems Inc
Colorline Digital Printing
Thompson Technique Foundation
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Practice/Business Tip of the Week April 2nd, 2017

I just came back from teaching at an event up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this weekend and while I was there I observed some things that separated some of those in attendance from each other as far as success and profitability goes. I noticed three characteristics are going to make up my tip for this week.

In any profession or business opportunity, there are those who will succeed and those who will not. Most of the time this has more to do with the individual involved in the profession or business then it does with outside factors.

There are and always will be those who are just in the right place at the right time and become successful as a result, but for the most part, lets just all take a little credit where credit is due and claim the successes or failures as our own and stay in reality for the rest of this discussion.

The group I was speaking to was somewhere between 200-250 doctors, so there was a good sampling of what is out in the profession at this event to draw my conclusions from. Here are the three things that I noticed about those who already are, or are in the process of becoming the most successful in the group that was in attendance.

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Practice/Business tip of the week March 26th, 2017


That is what my tip is going to be about this week. Insanity!

The definition of insanity that I am going to use for my tip this week is: Doing the same thing over and over, or day after day and expecting a different outcome than what you have experienced before.

Does this sound familiar or resonate with anyone else reading this today?

Almost every day at Back Talk Systems, or at our Colorline Digital Printing division we have doctors, staff, or customers who call or come in and share a problem with us that they are having in their practice or business and they ask if we can help them or make suggestions that they can implement so they can change their outcomes and improve their bottom line.
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Practice tip of the week March 19th, 2017

This week here in North America everyone is experiencing something we call “Spring Break”.
For some, that means that they get a week off from school. Yeah!
For others, that week off from school or college means that they are going on a road trip and going somewhere warm where there is a beach to play on. Woooohooooo!!
For others, it just creates a little more craziness around their home as they have little ones (or big ones who eat non-stop) with o day care and they are not able to get the time off work to deal with them in any easy manner. OMG!!!
Bottom line is that these two words, like many other words or phrases in our vocabulary mean something very different to those we come in contact with and it is that filter or interpretation that then drives what each individual may think and how they behave when it comes to terms like “Spring Break”.
So here are some tips to help make “Spring Break” something that each of your patients can take advantage of and experience something refreshing and positive, instead of the negatives that I mentioned above.
1. Have a special offer for those students who are on break and want, or need to come in for care that may be over due.
A. Include the update exam that is probably a necessity to update their file and get reacquainted with their condition as part of your regular level of service without the up-charge.
B. Schedule these visits for special times only, like between 1pm-2:30pm when you may not normally be as busy. Nobody on break wants to get up before noon, so make these special times in the afternoon.
C. Have some special treats for them to eat when they come in for care. These people are always hungry and may have been eating dorm food for the past couple of months. Make the effort to get some home made goodies and watch them light up with happiness.
2. Have some special offers for parents, or for those who are taking care of everything while everyone else is gone or away on vacation.
A. Update, or create a special place for younger kids in your reception or staging area. Make it nice enough that anyone who sees it will instantly recognize that you take care of children too and that you want them there.
B. Have some cool toys for them to play with like giant legos, or some coloring pages like the “What is Chiropractic” and “Your first visit” handout sheets from Back Talk Systems.
C. Invest in three or four inexpensive tablets that can you can download some video games on and allow the kids to play with them while their parents are in for care. It’s time to take a step forward into the future people!
3. Finally, make some special offers for anyone who makes it through the difficult week(s) of “Spring Break” and actually needs some special attention or care to recover from everything they just experienced.
This can include special pricing on massage if you offer that service, or allow them to brew a cup of specialty coffee to go when they come in to help them get started on their day during the week that follows the break.
These tips and ideas all help to show your patients that you want a long term relationship with them and that you are willing to invest in them to help make that happen.
Anticipating the needs of others is one way to help create more happiness in the world. If you want to create conversation about you and your practice, this is one easy way to do it!
Spring into action, enjoy the break and build your business!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-27709748 fax

Business/Practice Tip of the Week February 19th, 2017

How many of us use a device that is rechargeable? Most of us do, even if we don’t think about it this way, but this is the basis for my tip this week. Here goes:
Almost everyone I know uses some thing, or some type of device today that is rechargeable. Cellular or mobile phones, tablets, laptops, flashlights, power shavers and toothbrushes are just a few examples of items that I use almost every day, just like many of the rest of you readying this blog on some type of rechargeable device right now.
The important question that I want to examine in my tip this week then is this: What happens when our devices run out of juice, power, or stored energy and we don’t take the time to recharge them?
“Nothing good” is the best answer I can come up with because it pretty much covers whatever circumstance you may find yourself in when you need this device and it no longer performs like you need or want it to.
In fact, for any of you who have traveled by light rail, bus or plane lately, you have seen that the terminals in bus and train stations, along with airports and airlines themselves have tried to answer the insatiable need for us to be able to recharge our devices by creating massive charging stations and even adding that option to our seat so we can all access the power we need to stay connected.
So my tip for this week is this……. you can now recharge your devices almost anywhere you go, but what are you doing to recharge yourself and improve your health so you can perform the way you want and or need to as well?
Most of us have created some type of habit to make sure that we get our mobile devices charged up and ready to go everyday. In fact, if we were to leave home without them, we would make a U-turn and go back home to get it because the thought of not being connected to the rest of the world at a moments notice is more than we can stand to think about!
So why have we placed so much importance on charging a device that only creates the appearance of being connected to others while instead we ignored charging or recharging ourselves?
The cold hard truth is it’s really US that needs to be able to perform for our families, our customers, clients, patients and for the rest of the world to become a better place for us all to live in and share with others.
I have to confess that this morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and saw a scary, tired person looking back at me, instead of the normal, happy and energetic person that I like to see there when I want to start my day off with a positive affirmation.
I just ran my tank on empty for a little too long and the fumes were starting to get to me, just like they do for the rest of you too.
So here are some suggestions for each of us to use to remedy this type of circumstance and I hope that most of you can find a way to put one or more of them to work this coming week:
1. Start by giving yourself a day off. We all need this and it’s not a crime. Even GOD says he took a day of rest in the first book in the Bible.
2. Do something that you really love to do on this day off, or for some of us just doing nothing is what we really love to do too!
3. Get up off the couch and do at least 15 minutes of brisk walking, or some other form of cardio workout to get your blood moving.
4. Drink 3 swallows of water (not coffee, soda, juice or alcohol) every half hour to help your body detox and cleanse the effects of metabolism out of your system.
5. For those of you who are really serious, try fasting for 24 hours. It will help you clear your head and gain a fresh perspective on what you really want to be doing with the rest of your time.
6. My final recommendation for this week is for you to come and join us at the Parker event in Las Vegas (where I will be speaking on Friday morning) or at CalJam out in Costa Mesa, CA where thousands of health minded doctors, their support teams, vendors and like minded individuals will be gathering at these two events to help recharge and rev up our human touch batteries so we can all go back out on Monday morning and function the way we want and need to and share that healing energy with others.
I can tell you I am looking forward to being recharged and revitalized this week in the process!
What’s the most important step in this procedure? I have to PLUG myself in and make the effort to be there . It’s really up to me to make the effort!
I hope each of you can find a way to do the same!
Have a great week. See you all in Vegas Baby!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax

Practice/Business Tip of the Week February 12th, 2017

I just came back from having an opportunity to teach and share with some doctors up in the Detroit, Michigan area over the weekend and was reminded by all of the opportunities that I had to encounter customer service on multiple levels.
I was also reminded how the performance of those I came in contact with had an effect on my relationship with each of the corresponding companies I dealt with and my desire, or lack of the same, to ever do business with them again.
Hence the topic for my tip of the week:
Consumer happiness and satisfaction. The foundation for long term customer, client, or patient relationships.
I want to start with the most important truth in this equation.
Happiness occurs when reality exceeds expectations!
Now go back and read that last sentence one more time and then read the slight modification that I made below.
Happiness occurs when your reality exceeds your expectations.
I only added one word, but i used it twice because the most important person in the search for happiness is the one you are trying to, or are working with in any circumstance where customer service is involved at any level of the experience or transaction.
Let me give you a couple of examples from my weekend experience.
1. United Airlines carried me safely to and from my destination. That was expected. What made me happy was an unexpected upgrade to first class and an early arrival by 20 minutes to my destination.
Both of these customer service provisions helped to make the travel portion of my trip exceptional and extraordinary and you can bet I am ready and willing to continue to use United Airlines again and again in the future because of it!
2. The Clarion Hotel where I stayed has 270 rooms and is only 1 mile from the airport, so they hope to fill all of these rooms as often as possible.
This includes with flight personnel from a variety of airlines who need over night and or bad weather coverage for their employees. It also includes regular travelers and convention services to serve those like me who teach and need banquet facilities to take care of all who attend for a day or two of conventions or seminars.
For a hotel of this size, these are normal expectations, but guess what happened?
The hotel could not provide anyone with technical skills to help us with the projector and connections or cables necessary for my program to run effectively. More importantly, the hotel does not offer any food service at lunch time for any of their guests.
By not even meeting minimum expectations, guess how excited or happy I would be to ever use this hotel ever again in the future?
3. Finally, I expect to have to park somewhere out at the airport when I travel. Since I live 45 minutes away, I can’t ask others to make that long trip as often as I need to fly, plus delays can create havoc for those who might try to pick me up.
When DIA first opened, I enjoyed the “convenience” of close in airport parking for $8 per day. Today however, I no longer use airport parking because I find it hard to justify the increase in price to $26 per day for just letting my car sit and wait for me close by.
Instead, I now use “The Parking Spot” which is off site and takes an extra 10 minutes for me to add on to my travels, but they have vans running constantly and the longest I have ever waited to be picked up is 6 minutes.
Then on my return, the driver drops me off right at my car and carries my bag to my trunk. When I check out, they also offer additional discounts for AAA customers and then they supply me with a free bottle of cold water for my drive home, while only charging me $5.95 per day to park my car. Definitely exceeds expectations!
Guess who happily gets my business from now on and who I tell everyone about when they ask me what I do for parking?
So, I just gave you examples of large, medium and small companies who all had a chance to make a long term and lasting impression on me and to create a long term relationship with me for future business that will have an impact on their bottom line.
Based on this, here is the synopsis for my tip this week:
1. It makes no difference what the size of your business, practice or company is. Customer service is required on every level if you want to stay competitive in the market place today.
2. Focus on the things that you can control and make sure that you control them to the best of your ability.
3. Get the right people on your team who can and will go out of their way to offer the same levels of customer service that you embrace.
4. Don’t worry about just doing the big things. Get the little things right first and then the big things start to become easier to accomplish.
5. Constantly offer more than what you are being paid for to do. When your customer, client or patient walks away feeling like they got a great deal, they will continue to come back again and again in the future.
6. Constantly ask for feedback from those who do business with you. People feel more valuable when they feel like what they have to say about you makes a difference in how you function in the future.
Now get out there and offer some of the best customer service available this week and from here on. Your consumers will only remember you based on the last experience that they have with you, so you can’t rest on things you may have done well in the past.
Instead, strive to make each day your best day ever!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax

Business/Practie Tip of the Week January 29th, 2017

Wow! It’s already the last weekend in January and it’s amazing to me how quickly time seems to fly by these days.
I think that most of us don’t really pay attention to time the way we should because I truly believe that time is one of our most valuable assets.
The trouble is many of us don’t seem to place much value in, or with time until we get a little bit older. Then all of the sudden, we hit around 50 years old and some of us start to realize that time could be, or is getting short based on life’s circumstances and suddenly we take on this whole new attitude about time and how we spend it.
My business or practice tip for this week is all about time and how to maximize the most of what each of us has to work with.
We analyze time like this so at the end of our day, week, month or life, we can look back and feel like we spent it to the best of our ability and that we got the most out of our time and are able to share more of what we really wanted to share with our family, friends and profession as a result.
My tip about time really starts off with dreaming. I want each of us to take some time and dream about the business or practice that we really want to work in or own and then lay out the steps of what it will take for us to achieve that end goal.
Next, I want us to break down these steps into working layers or procedures that we, or those who work with us can help us achieve.
This is where good coaching or a mentor comes in handy. If you don’t know the steps that you want or need to take, then hire a good coach, consultant, or ask a mentor what they think you should be doing
Allowing your pride to run amuck here is where most of us waste the greatest amount of time. We either don’t want to ask others for help, or we feel that we can’t afford to, or that others will think we are weak if we do ask for help, so we flounder for weeks, months or years while the answers to our quest might be right in front of us and are clearly known by those who have gone and done this before.
All we need to do is ask and they can save us time, hundreds of thousands of dollars and much of our energy and focus if we just swallow enough pride to ask for help from the right people.
The last thing on my list for this week is to then lay out the steps that we want to follow to achieve our desired goals and then focus on just one step at a time and completely own that step until we are proficient at it and better at it than anyone else!
Too many of us try to take on more than one step at a time and our time management gets thrown out the window and failure seems to follow us where ever we go, robbing us of success.
We tend to blame others, the circumstances, the weather, or the government for these failures, when in fact it is just us not managing our time better and trying to do too many things at once, hoping for instant success.
Does someone just sit down in front of a piano, take one lesson and then start to play anything they want? NO!
Piano teachers start them off with learning scales, up and down the keyboard, in flats, sharps and with countless repetition, so that these simple steps can be built upon to allow a great pianist to come out of the hours and hours of practice based on following these proven and simple steps to success in playing a piano.
The same rules of success will apply to you and your business goals and dreams as well.
Another good example of time management is with Olympic athletes. The greatest problem with the Olympics is that we only see these world class athletes for 2 short weeks every four years and their individual event may only last for one minute or less!
What they fail to show us is the constant practicing, working out, dieting and personal sacrifice that goes into this tiny picture of success that can mean everything to this one individual. Remember that there may be hundreds if not thousands who are also striving for that same goal, yet only one gets the gold medal.
The good news for those of us in practice, or in any business, is that there is room for many, if not all of us to achieve the gold and become as successful as we want to be and we are not limited to only getting that chance once every four years.
Instead, we get to achieve these types of success each and every day, depending on how we spend our time and how we manage that resource to provide us with the greatest returns possible.
Synopsis for the week:
1. Start by dreaming. Dream big and come up with a picture in your mind of what you want your business or practice to look like
2. Make a step by step plan on what it will take for you to achieve that dream.
3. If you don’t know what the best steps are, hire a coach, or work with a mentor who can guide you through the steps.
4. Like a student learning the piano, learn the basics and work on them until you own them and can do them better than anyone else can.
5. Once you have learned and mastered a step, move on to the next step and repeat the process.
6. Be ready to achieve the success that you have dreamed about, but give yourself some time to accomplish this.
7. Make sure to give back to yourself, your family, your friends and to your profession when you realize what an amazing asset that time is and what it can become and lead to when shared with others.
Have a great week and take the time to visit our website at or at and see how we can help you use your time more efficiently in your practice, or with any business you are engaged in. We are here to help you succeed!
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Business/Practice Tip of the Week January 22nd, 2017

This week’s tip is going to be all about a big dose of reality for most of us. This is also going to be a bit philosophical, so when it starts to get a little bit deep, just hang on and go with it. Here goes:
You are HERE now!
I’m borrowing this from two different references who both mentor my life, but it is amazing how similar they are and yet both come from very different backgrounds and different perspectives.
One is Dr. Larry Markson, an amazing leader in the Chiropractic profession for the last 50+ years and currently runs the “Cabin Experience” (look him up and attend one of these if you haven’t yet) and they other is the lead pastor of my church, Jim Burgen at Flatirons Community Church in Colorado.
I just wanted to share some credit with these men as they both speak into my life on a regular basis and what they say and share with me helps me in more ways than I have space to describe here.
Of course I will put my spin on this topic for purposes here, but I wanted to make sure you know where these ideas originated from and that I am not trying to take credit for great realities that I didn’t think up on my own. So, back to my tip for this week:
If you stop and think about it for just a second, we are all right where we are right now, regardless of where we wish we were, where we hoped or dreamed we would be, or where we got side tracked, stopped at a light, made a wrong turn, or got involved with someone or a business that just didn’t suit us and we may have gone off the road, or got turned around and are now going in the wrong direction.
The first step in starting off with new goals, new plans, or a new year is coming to grips with this one simple truth, that regardless of what you or anyone else thinks, this is where you are right now.
Some of you may be happy with your current status and you didn’t have to set any new goals, or make any new plans because your health is great, you are making all the money you want to make, you have all the free time off you want, you can buy anything you want or need and your relationships are all moving along and advancing in positive directions without any conflicts or challenges.
Sadly, this doesn’t sound like my life, or like anyone else that I know either!
Instead, I have made new goals for this year with actions I am taking to be healthier, how I am going to grow my businesses, how I am improving my relationships and how I am taking steps to end each day and the rest of the year by becoming a better version of “me” than who I was when I started the day, week, month, or year off just 22 short days ago.
Based on Larry Markson’s coaching, I start off every day with a positive affirmation that I speak out-loud that begins with the words, “I AM HERE NOW!” This first step allows me to do three important things that I wanted to share with each of you to be able to implement in your own lives if you so choose.
This starts off each day with a big dose of reality as to where am I in all the important aspects of my life right now!
1. My personal health is priority one. This doesn’t mean that I am selfish or self centered. What it does do is allow me to focus on the things I plan to do, or take care of with personal reflection, prayer or meditation, exercise and diet so that I can be the best version of me that is available and serve those I want to take care of to the best of my ability.
Classic push-back comes from the following people first.
If you are a mom, a single parent, or are in charge of taking care of others who desperately need your undivided attention, remember this! If you don’t take care of your own health first, what will happen to those who need you so much if your own health fails, or worse?
You will do a better job of caring for others when you love yourself enough to care for yourself too! Let go of the guilt trip and stop using that as an excuse!
2. Your relationships are next in line for focus and attention.
Avoid using the words “want” or “need” when you are describing your hopes and plans for any of the above, but especially avoid them when discussing your relationships.
If you start the day off by saying I “want” them or “need” my relationships to change or be better, all that will happen is you will be “wanting” and “needing” things you can’t control for the rest of your life, without actually taking responsibility and doing the things necessary to correct them or make them better!
Instead, start off by saying “here are the steps or actions I am taking to specifically deal with whatever circumstances are currently in place that I am working with or changing by modifying my own behaviors”.
Too many of us “want” or “need” others to change, when the reality is that we can’t control or make others do what we “want” or “need” them to do. Instead, the one person we can make direct changes to and with is ourselves! Take some responsibility for YOU this year and start by changing how you phrase your goals and plans by eliminating the words “want” and “need” from your vocabulary.
3. Your businesses are next in line. I suggest that you start off each day, week, month and or year by using the word “Repent!” I have said this before and I will say it again, this does not mean what most of us think, because most of us put some form of religious connotation to it when we hear it.
Instead, what it means is to “re-evaluate or re-think our position or thought process about a situation, circumstance, person, place, belief or thing”.
Let’s apply this to our businesses then.
Repenting doesn’t always make us happy. Last week I had to re-think my position about a staff member. I didn’t really look forward to this because what I had hoped they would become was just not the reality of who they were and they didn’t fit in with the rest of my team.
I had allowed my “wants and needs” to bleed into what my reality was and once I took an honest look at it, I saw that action was required and that I was already 30 days overdue. I changed my behavior and made the corrections that were necessary and the rest of the week took off and became more of what my whole team’s goals and plans for the week actually looked like.
This week make your businesses a top priority and take an in-depth and honest look at yourself, your team and your business model and make sure that you are taking the action steps to actually go where it is that you plan to go. Get the right people on the bus with you and get the wrong people off your bus and on to another where they will flourish more and your business with grow more as a result as well.
Synopsis for the week:
1. Start each day off with a positive affirmation that begins with the words “I AM HERE NOW!”
2. Love yourself enough to put your own health needs first so you can take care of others who need you too.
3. Focus on your relationships. They take hard work and regular maintenance.
4. Avoid using the words “want” and “need” when coming up with action steps. Instead, use action words for how you plan to move forward.
5. If you haven’t set your business goals for this year yet, set yourself and your team down and write them down.
6. Start off each day, week, month by “repenting” about what your goals look like and what action steps you can schedule or plan to take to make them happen.
7. Be ready for your year to look, act and feel differently when you do these three things.
Bottom line is that we are really just working on ourselves each and every day and we DO have the ability to change our outcomes when we take responsibility for what happens.
Enjoy and have a great week!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax 303-237-9617 clinic

Business/Practice Tip of the Week, January 15th, 2017

This week I want my tip to be focused on Customer Service and how this can and does impact our bottom line in business each and every day.
Here is what happened to me this past week and prompted my tip:
We ordered some pizza for a staff birthday party for the whole office and what I looked at online while ordering was very different than what showed up upon delivery by Papa Johns.

I was disappointed, but my staff was excited to celebrate and they were hungry, so they ate the pizza and moved on with their day.
About 30 minutes later I received an e-mail from Papa Johns asking how our customer experience was, so I took a minute and told them how they had disappointed me. I then went back to work thinking that my response might go into that giant customer service trash can up in the cloud somewhere never to be seen or heard from again.

The next day however, I received an e-mail from an executive at Papa Johns who told me they took these kinds of problems seriously and she offered me a 50% off coupon for the rest of the month of January to give them another chance to do better.
This extraordinary level of customer service is what brings me to my tip for this week. Here are the 3 things I want each of us to take away from this experience:

1. Make sure that your advertising, including everything you print, post on social media, or have on your website is an accurate representation of you, your business, your products and your services. Spend a dollar or two more here where it can make all the difference in the world!

2. Make a determined effort to find out what your customer base really thinks of you by sending out survey options to those who do business with you. If it’s their first time in, ask them how you did and what they thought of their experience.
Make sure you read all of these responses and then discuss them in your staff meetings to bring the whole team up to speed on your collective challenges when appropriate.

3. Take specific action to remedy anything that comes back from your customer base that looks problematic. If you do, you may save a customer, client, or patient from leaving and or worse, from leaving you a negative review on your site and telling 10 of their friends about you in a negative way.
Based on their extra efforts, I know that I am going to give Papa John’s another chance this month and I am looking forward to the opportunity to see how they do. They advertise “better pizza” so we will see how they do next time around.

Have a great week and remember this. Back Talk Systems is ready to help you with all of your print messaging needs because we are a full service digital Print shop. From business cards, brochures, posters and banners, we can do it all, (and we guarantee that it will be right!)
We have also partnered with the best provider in the digital world to be able to offer you a digital experience that will change how your customers find and view you online.This you just have to see in person, so call us to find out how we can connect you. I promise you it will be worth your time if you do!
Ask one of our customer service representatives about our new offerings by calling 800-937-3113 or by going online and using our instant chat service at . Salli would love to hear from you on how we can help you.

This week make excellent customer service one of your primary goals to focus on and watch your bottom line increase in the process.
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax

Practice/Business Tip of the Week January 8th, 2017

Today I enjoyed viewing a movie with my wife called “Burnt”. I would recommend that all of you rent or buy this movie and watch it with your family, or team at work. Here’s why:
What I watched happen in this film created the motivation for my tip this week and it will change the way I treat my family and my staff at work as a result.
Here are the three things that I took away from this film.
1. When we act like perfectionists, it makes it hard for others to like us, let alone work with us, or be in a relationship with us.
This kind of behavior breeds constant criticism, relentless work habits and demanding personal time and sacrifice that all sound like good principals for success on paper, but they can wind up costing us everything when they get out of balance in a perfectionism model.
2. No one can do everything on their own. It takes a great team to succeed and you have to depend on your team to get you through the good times and through the tough times.
We are all seeing that in the NFL playoff games going on now as well. All the teams that made the playoffs are good teams, but some “teams” are just playing better “team” ball and are winning games as a result. There can be individual standouts in any game, but it takes a whole team to win game after game.
3. You have to trust those on your team that you work with, or have in your relationships. A lack of trust is what breaks down a team, unit, or relationship faster than anything else.
No trust equals no progress. If you want to grow or move forward in any business or relationship, there needs to be trust between all who are involved.
To recap, here is my synopsis and some ideas on how to correct for these three challenges:
1. Perfectionism can be looked at like any disease process. Avoid it if you can, but if not, take some steps to make sure that you get your attitude “adjusted”. Examine and realign your lifestyle if need be.
Study how you react to anything that is less than perfect and live your life with a little more grace and a little less criticism.
Take a different approach the next time someone on your team makes an effort to do something and fails. Instead of judging them or making fun of them, try giving them a gift card for a coffee, or some other small. but meaningful reward just for trying.
Then examine the failure together and see what you both and the rest of your team can learn from what happened and make corrections accordingly. That’s a team that anyone would want to play for!
2. Team work is just that. It is a group of more than one, who are working together for the same goals and desired outcomes. Make sure that you communicate directly with your team each and every day somehow or someway so they all know you are involved in the daily grind as well.
Another term for this behavior is called “practice”.
Some of the jobs on any team are just harder and get less recognition than others, so make an effort to praise those who do anything to help you achieve your goals and be sincere when you do this.
Trust me, your team knows you and your habits better than you think and they will know the difference if you try and fake this, or push it off on someone else to do this for you!
3. Trust is the foundation that all good teams and relationships are built on. This is not something that you can purchase or buy, but you have to earn it during each and every transaction that you have with your family, your team and with your customers, clients, or patients.
Their memory of how they interact with you will only reflect the last time they did business with you, so make it a point to make every experience you have with your spouse, partner, family members, clients, customers, or patients one that they will walk away and want to share with others, praising you for how great or unique it was.
Doing this will continue to grow your relationships and your business far into the future.
Have a great week and go out and watch this movie. Have a box of tissue handy when you do. ๐Ÿ™‚
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax 303-237-9617 clinic

Business/Practice Tip of the Week January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s time to start back on my blog with tips and ideas on how to make this the best year ever for each of us. With that in mind, here is my first tip for each of us to follow to start down the road to more success.
Consistency is the word I want to start this year off holding near and dear to each one of our hearts! Here’s why:
I believe that Consistency is one of the keys to anyone becoming successful in any area of their lives. Let’s start by looking at the challenges this creates and then offer some suggestions for areas of our lives where we can improve.
If you want or plan to make some New Years resolutions, or just set some new goals for the upcoming year, think about this fact first. Most of us struggle to keep these new ideas, goals, or resolutions past 2 weeks, let alone for the whole year, or the rest of our lives.
I believe this is because we have a lack of consistency in these selective areas of our lives and that is what leads to failure in keeping our goals and or plans alive.
Here are some tips for the most common areas where most of us want to improve, but struggle to do so:
1. Dietary challenges. Too many of us just don’t, or won’t control the 24 inches of movement between our elbow, wrist and hand from the table to our mouths.
Start the year off by either taking smaller portions on your plate when you begin your meal, or make it a habit to leave 3 bites of food on your plate and save yourself the 100 calories that you would have otherwise consumed.
This does not mean that you take a larger portion to begin with so you can leave some behind and not still over eat!
Every 3500 calories equals one pound of fat. This habit can help to eliminate 3000 calories per month which can lead to 10 lbs less of fat at the end of the year.
Most of us over eat due to boredom or loneliness, so make the changes to your lifestyle that can help to remedy those two factions and your chances of over eating go way down.
2. Working out. What we all need to accept is that sitting is the new smoking for the generation that grew up on computers. What helps each of our bodies to function and eliminate more efficiently is to add 15 minutes of cardio into the every day activities of our lives.
Park your car farther away from the front door of your work or store where you shop and walk. Go for a 15 minute walk during your lunch break. It’s hard to walk and eat at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚
Put your bike up on a trainer so you can ride it every day, regardless of the weather. You don’t have to buy all the expensive clothing to match and your chances of falling off and injuring yourself go way down.
You don’t have to spend money on a gym to get started. Begin with the easy and inexpensive ideas listed above until you work your way up to the point where you would actually use a gym membership, or buy the equipment for your home if time is the limiting component of your workout schedule.
3. Make a specific consistent plan for daily prayer, meditation, or personal growth time. However you want to label this time, set aside at least 15 minutes of each day for this personal spiritual growth area in your life and watch as all the other areas of your life start to take better shape and become more of what you want them to be.
4. Make specific plans for some fun in your life and work on this each and every day. If your choice is a 3 day weekend once monthly, then make your plans, put up some pictures on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, or on your screen savor so you can be focusing on the fun you will be having and keep it in the front of your mind throughout your day.
Sometimes, our work responsibilities take over the rest of our lives and we forget or won’t allow ourselves to have any fun. Make your plans at the beginning of each day, week or month and then be consistent with your approach to save the money, time and energy you will need to make the fun happen. Life is just too short to not have any fun!
5. Finally, make it a consistent practice to work on your interpersonal relationships each and every day. Take a moment to actually call someone you are in a relationship with every day and just catch up for a few moments.
Texting, e-mail and social media are all good too, but either make the consistent effort to actually go and see people, or meet them for something to eat or drink. Then call others and actually talk to them to keep these relationships alive and well this coming year and beyond.
If we can just stay consistent with our diet, our workout schedule, our recreational habits, our spiritual growth and our interpersonal relationships, we can make this coming year and every year after better than the ones before!
Every journey, no matter how long it takes, starts with just the first step. Start this year with taking some small steps in the right direction in these areas, or in any areas of your life and then find a way to be more consistent with these small steps.
What you will find after a period of time is that you will have accomplished big and amazing things that never seemed possible when you first started out.
Lets all go to work on making this coming year the best year of our lives, while making ourselves better versions of who we are as we seek to serve those who do business or are in relationships with us.
Have an amazing 2017!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 7950 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80214 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax

Business/Practice Tip of the Week, December 18th, 2016

Today I want to focus my tip on the positive or negative reactions that all of us can experience when something that we perceive as bad or negative happens to us that is outside of our direct control.
Let me give you an example. This week on Friday here in Denver, there was some differing weather reports that were either saying no snow, or 1-3 inches of snow possible by Saturday morning.
Either way, most people were not concerned here in Denver because we are all used to snow during the winter months and our roads and airport are usually ready and out in front of most storms.
Trouble is, we didn’t get anything at all that they predicted online, or with the local weather stations. Instead, I woke up to 15 inches of snow in my driveway and the whole city was caught off guard and was way behind on everything they needed to do to allow traffic to flow and people to get around on the last weekend of the month before the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays arrive.
This kind of unexpected storm can have a huge impact on any business, so here are a few tips on how to respond to make sure that your bottom line is not negatively affected when something problematic like this happens.
1. Get to work early and make sure that you and your customers/clients/patients have access to your business. In our case, our snow plow contractor was caught off guard too and didn’t get our lot plowed before our business opened. That means that we had to shovel much more than anticipated, but arriving early allowed us to still be prepared.
2. Come with everything you need to make sure you are ready for any possibility. In our case that meant shovels, rock salt, gloves. hats and extra towels to make sure the floors are not slippery.
3. Have a contingency plan in place for your staffing needs to make sure that every position is filled in case someone is unable to get in for work on any given day. In a small business there are no extra people just hanging around with nothing to do. Every job is important and so is every person who has a position there.
4. Make sure your customers/clients/patients walk away from their experience with you on a day like this feeling like they didn’t miss out on any benefit or level of service and if anything, they feel like this was a great decision on their part to make the effort to come in to do business with you.
5. Take a moment to celebrate when your day is over with your staff when they pull off a great response like this. They are the only ones who really know just how hard they had to work to pull off another great day at your business and they should feel recognized and appreciated.
I have to tell you how proud I am of my staff for doing things like this without being told what to do. Having staff with an “ownership mentality” is one of your greatest assets. Anything you can do at your business to foster this type of mentality will boost your bottom line and make your business more immune to the unexpected.
Have a great week and make sure you have your own preparations in place for the unexpected. This will always be a part of doing business in today’s fast pace marketplace. Being prepared can be the difference between failure and success.
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