Business/Practice Tip of the Week Juy 2nd, 2017

My tip for you and your business this week is going to be about change.
Change can be one of the biggest hurdles, or one of the biggest stepping stones to success, depending on how you and your staff react to it.
Here are some tips for how to use change for good in your business and how to profit from it at the same time.
1. Realize that change is inevitable and it is going to happen and happen faster than ever before in the future, so get ready for it and choose to embrace it rather than run or hide from it.
2. Change has a tendency to make everyone, even those who are remotely involved to vibrate at a higher frequency and that can and does make many of us uncomfortable. Be ready for this and plan for some bumps that you just can’t see before they show up in the road to change.
3. Make sure to try and communicate as much as possible with those who will be affected by the change and allow for them to prepare themselves and offer feedback and contribute so they can be a positive asset instead of a negative one.
4. Use the momentum of change to create options and opportunities for growth in your personal life and in your business.
5. Take this opportunity to shed unnecessary items that won’t be needed or can be replaced with better or more efficient versions so you can become more efficient and profitable in the future.
6. Finally, take a moment each day to celebrate the progress and recognize the victories that you and those around you experience, even if they seem small. Recognize those who contribute or reach new goals and make sure to include your team as you reach new levels of success.
Taking a more positive approach to change can and will make your business and your personal life better. Become a “change agent’ and watch your business grow in the process.
With that in mind, we are making some BIG changes here at Back Talk Systems and at Colorline Digital Printing. We have sold our building and just closed on our new facility, so we will be moving over the next week and will be relocating to a new location that will serve our growing needs and our customer base much more efficiently.
As of July 10th, our new address will be 7950 West Colfax Ave in Lakewood, Colorado 80214, so we are just 8 minutes east on Colfax Ave from our previous location.
Over the next 7-10 days there may be some small challenges with phones, mail and data lines being transferred over, but our website will be unaffected, so we are taking this opportunity to offer 15% off anything your purchase online until Monday, July 10th when we open the doors in our new location. Go to or to and take advantage of our moving sale.
You are always welcome to stop by and see us in person, check out our new facility and take advantage of our weekly “On Location Specials” that are offered only to those who stop by in person. If you are planning a trip to Colorado we can help make it worth your time!
Change your habits and come by or shop online. You will be glad you did!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 231 Violet Street Unit 140 Golden, Colorado 80401 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax

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