Fwd: Practice Tip of the Week June 11th, 2017

I just came back from a teaching opportunity this weekend that included 4 different flights to get to and from my destination. One fact became very clear to me as I was involved in this journey and that is what I am going to base my practice tip for this week on.
I believe that as a whole, our society has become so deeply connected and dependent on technology that we have a hard time separating ourselves from it, if even for a minute or two.
Let me explain what I observed this trip to help get us all on the same page of thinking about how this new truth holds so much power and sway in our lives and then offer a couple of suggestions on how to harness that truth and put it to work to help grow our practices.
First off, I noticed that almost every person on all four flights, big or small, older or younger had some form of smart phone, tablet, or lap top computer and was intent on using them as much as they could during the trip.
In fact, most of you are reading this right now on a device like this, so lets establish that as the new baseline for our discussion.
What was the first thing that happened as soon as the wheels of the plane touched down on each leg of my journey this weekend? We all took out our smart phones and connected to them as quickly as we could to check our messages, e-mails, news feeds, or social media just in case something might have happened while we were in the air.
The airlines have already realized this new billion dollar opportunity and are now offering for us to be able to buy a connection to their WIFI while we are flying so we can continue to “stay connected” except for actually talking to someone. I would imagine that this may soon be a possibility as well, although our society as a whole has pretty much stopped talking and just uses digital communication instead.
So my tip for this week is on how to put this billion dollar market to work for each of us in our practices so we can help our patients and their technology do some of this marketing for us and spend little to no money in the process.
Here are a couple of ideas that you can put to work starting Monday of this week:
1. First, ask each patient if they have a smart phone when they come in for care and ask permission to use their phone’s camera to help you document what you are finding in your evaluation and or treatment processes.
2. If you use x-rays in your clinical approach, have the patient take pictures on their smart phone or tablet of their x-rays during your Report of Findings so they can have them handy to compare to any patient education materials you may provide, giving them an instant side by side picture of their own areas of involvement to further evaluate and gain a deeper understanding of their condition.
3. If you use a leg check analysis in your technique approach, make sure to take a picture on your patient’s phone that shows any contraction or difference in leg lengths before and after your care is done. Help them to see what you see.
4. The same holds true for any postural evaluation you may provide in your clinical approach. If you look for a high shoulder, an elevated rib cage, postural issues like a high or low hip, capturing this on their smart phone or tablet can give you a great way to document this for your patient and then potentially get them more involved in any type of active care plan you want them to participate in to help correct for these issues.
5. Back Talk Systems provides a customized patient education series of videos, both for your patient’s first visit and for the Report of Findings visit that can be sent out to your patient’s smart phone, tablet or computer so they can watch it before they come in for care, saving time in the process for you, your staff and for the patient.
Finally, what is the most common thing that people do when they get a new picture or video on their smart phone or tablet that has something to do with them?
Why not let your patients start doing some of the marketing work for you and leverage the same technology that your patients just can’t put down?
Contact us at Back Talk Systems to find out how we can customize these video tools for your office. You can visit us online at www.backtalksystems.com or call us at 800-937-3113. Ask for “Sallie Sales” and she will take care of your order and answer any questions you might have.
Have a great week and put some technology to work for you!
Dr. Rob Jackson President Applewood Chiropractic Health Center Back Talk Systems Inc Colorline Digital Printing Thompson Technique Foundation 231 Violet Street Unit 140 Golden, Colorado 80401 800-937-3113 303-277-9990 303-277-9748 fax www.backtalksystems.com www.colorlineprint.com

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